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Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
, including gun violence. derek mcginty is anchoring our state of the union coverage live from the u.s. capital. derek. >> lesli and anita, this will be the president's fourth message. what is new tonight, this is a president fresh off reelection at the peek of his political power. why there will be plenty of political theater tonight. the president's real agenda is moving his agenda. he wants to get things done. the economy and jobs, manufacturing, infrastructure. he'll focus on education reform and energy. the most controversial topic is likely to be gun control, where there will be plenty of guests from both sides of the issue in the house galleries and pointed out by the president as the speech goes on. that would be the political theater, i mentioned a few sentences ago. let's go to tara for the rest of our preview. >> president obama wasn't offering a preview of a state of the union address to reporters this afternoon. >> white house aides say improving the economy and creating jobs will be front and center when the president speaks to congress and the country. >> as he outla
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
, and then top ten in the u.s. i don't really care about those medals. i just want to him to win the medal in my heart. >> more than a dozen of his fellow fighters are on their way to los angeles to compete in the brazilian championship. students 6 to 13 years old will grapple, strike, and flip their way through a tournament that their instructor teaches them more than just winning. >> good luck to those kids. they'll be in los angeles tomorrow. one final note, the academy hopes to expand its reach to offer free classes to foster children and to veterans. how about that? >> thanks, dave. there's still much more to come on 9news. >> senator warner blast defense contractors for their absence. i'm peggy fox. the latest on se se >>> tomorrow is the 9th of the month. you don't have to wait until then to call your buddy. annual mammogram and a visit to the doctor or nurse practitioner can make a difference when it comes to your breast health. you can also help fight cancer with a special bike ride this weekend. >> from vet mirror all the way to this mirror, full of spin bikes. 130 spin bikes. en
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2